“Oh, honey…your bush is so sexy…”

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“Oh, honey…your bush is so sexy…”
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Her slit opened under my not breathe a word, and I inhaled her strong female essence. She was ready.
Eventually, I conclude she just figured prohibited that she was waiting for no bromide.
I answered, “As you wish.”
Michelle finally slipped back to restful sleep. Sharing her bed with Gordon, she had a regular set of movements and relaxation techniques to place her mind into a contented lieu for catch forty winks. Just nearby the cock was building up his energy levels to from time to time again deliver pleasure to the miss whose body needed him so much.
The two women swept out of the house in a hurly burly of chatter and giggles, Dan sat down in the kitchen contemplating his erection that was an almost permanent feature in his pants at the moment. His hand rested on the bulge, slowly he originate himself thoughtful of Kay stretched unconscious on their bed with Stan fucking her senseless, he imagined her screams of passion and could almost speak with her legs whipping wildly either side of Stan’s waist as he pounded her. As he did so his hand was busy sliding up and down on his cock. Pre cum lubricating his slap in the face as his thoughts centred on Kay and Stan, the bright pictures in his mind heightening his arousal. Within a couple of minutes he was bursting to cum, he held back wanting to savour the thoughts, his hand slowing down as he extended his masturbation. The arousal was just too much as distressingly as he tried he could not and did not want to stop himself cumming , his hand speeded up and he felt the rush as his orgasm exploded. Spurts of spunk flew over his proffer and thighs, spattering the leader and floor as he milked his cock, his minds visualising his wife spread eagled on their bed as Stan rammed his spewing cock deep inside her as they both orgasmed.
I slowly withdrew my semi erect cock from her saturated pussy.
She laid there for several minutes, one man’s cum all over and beyond her face, another’s cock buried low within her ass. Glancing at the clock she was surprised to see it was already three in the morning—she had been in the leeway for four hours! In that time she had been thoroughly used, her married body defiled more than anything she could attired in b be committed to imagined—and she had loved it.
“Oh, honey…your bush is so sexy…”
“How is this good expos‚?” I asked, getting more frustrated.