Andrew smirked. “That’s not really what tonight is about, is it? All set? Comfortable?”

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A manly chorus of “no” was overheard.
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“Tell me what you hope for to do to me,” Megan demanded. “I know there are things, there must be. What have you been dreaming less doing to me, John?”
Taking her hand and pulling her forward, I kissed her thoroughly and passionately, the fragrance and taste of my cum overpoweringly arousing. I massaged her breasts, slippery with my semen, again pinching her nipples between my fingers, her squeezing me closer.
Andrew smirked. “That’s not really what tonight is about, is it? All set? Comfortable?”
Finally, about half way through the meal you look atop of at me and frown. “You spilled sauce on that pleasant blouse.” I look down slightly uncomfortable and try to wipe it with the napkin. “Don’t do that, you’ll put together it worse,” you scold and I look up at you. I know that tone your voice has taken on and it’s not going to be good for me. “Mulct it off.”
Sitting on the ottoman, he was at optic level with her gaping pussy. “You, too,” he said, watching her stroke the obdurate sum and substance protruding from her proud inner lips.
“Oh how I love those words,” she smiled, hugging me.
I am married with Vijaya for last 15 years; we thoroughly enjoyed sex with each other during this era. We don’t have planned any extra marital affair, never thought of that. Last one year an idea developed in my belief and that is related to hot glee in married life including another chap or a married couple. Definitely being an introvert myself, I couldn’t excuse it to Vijaya. I had a fear of Vijaya getting annoyed with me on this climax of threesome or couple-swap; she is very conservative and respectable lady. Though we love each other a lottery, our screwing life was lacking the hint because of prosaic fucking. Regularly in Facebook or WhatsApp like forum, I met people discussing on threesome or swap. I felt putrid inasmuch as not having that experience of sharing ball or fucking others’ wives. At 44 years of age I was very anxious to fuck aunties or bhabis who are basically our neighbors.
Of course, why would he not touch her familiarly? They had just participated in one of the most intimate acts between two people, the old-fogyish humanity pleasuring her more than she had been in a long time, giving and taking, both their bodies locked in an intimate embrace.
A manly chorus of “no” was overheard.