Hearing during call, it went like this:

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“Lick it!” Jonathan said while taking a few photos.
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“Well, if we are going to do this it’s going to be grim if you attend to standing there like that.” Maggie winked.
“Lick it!” Jonathan said while taking a few photos.
I knew it when I married her. But I did it anyway because I took pity on her. I thought she was capable of change. But she didn’t and I at long last threw her insensible.”
Eric shook his noodle, not exceedingly believing he was about to do it, and then tapped his own foot twice. He undid his pants and to his surprise he was already starting to get hard. Gingerly, he slid his dick through the hole and into the other stable.
He was startled. “Are you sober? You want me to?”
Ricky, Paula, and I placed three deckchairs in the centre of the six tents, where we could keep our eyes on all the doors and openings. We cracked put in some wine and began chatting. Every handful minutes or so, we’d wander round the tents, peeking in to see little faces asleep, and the sporadic grunts and snores. By midnight we’d finished our third bottle, and the first of the taxis had arrived back.
Hearing during call, it went like this:
This all started as a dream assignment. My trouble, Min-soo received a commission from one of the giving cable about networks to consider a report of an Incan temple well away their recorded reliable tier. Deep in the jungle north of the Orinoco River, the groundwork communiqu‚ seemed quite reassuring. The jungle was too thick for a normal area survey so Min-Soo’s retinue called in a favor and got an infrared scanning from an orbiting NASA satellite. The company could not afford to have more than a few scans made, but the pictures revealed adequate detail to deduce that SOMETHING was under all that foliage. The geometric shapes COULD fool been natural features, but that seemed unimaginable.
“Oh my!” she said smiling before her face turned serious and she stated unusually firmly. “Remove the object, subordinate being of your own volition, or I will remove your become and take the purpose with it!”