He knew what she was going to say. But he had to bud up the act. Jennifer softly and politely piercing at Brian and Aaron and said, “Um, I don’t think so.” Her giggle was innocent; or so Michael would be suffering with reasoning on just about any other day in their past. But on this day, at this moment, his mind was interpreting all things Jennifer with a several filter. A lusty filter. A naughty filter. A dangerous filter.

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Sandy and I had a nice sex life. Truth be told I had not been with many other women and tended to be rather…vanilla in the bedroom. I certainly found Sandy decidedly indecent though, and enjoyed making boyfriend to her. Sandy would sometimes introduce something new to our lovemaking and it would remind me that she must have had more sexual live than I. In in reality a college friend of hers had once let slip that Sandy had been ‘a bit of a slut’ back at school. The idea shocked me a hint at the set, but it didn’t remodel me jealous. It actually turned me on to imagine that Sandy had experienced many men earlier settling on me. I had even fantasized about what she must have been like then.
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“Are you sure? You won’t scorn me?” she asked.

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We had played this game tons time before, but I was extremely surprised that Sally seemed in the mood to play now. She seemed to have forgotten all about the state of our house and was now blatantly flirting with both officers. I knew that if I wanted this situation to develop further, then the ball was in my court, so to speak. I caught Sally’s look at and smiled. She returned my notice with a wicked grin, It was obvious that she wanted to continue.
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