“Shut in up!” The voice in the darkness commanded.

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“Shut in up!” The voice in the darkness commanded.
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Paul looked even more embarrassed. He said, “Sorry Annie.”
“Shut in up!” The voice in the darkness commanded.
“Tell us a story, she said.
“Do you like the toy in your ass?” He asked.
The adventurous foreplay of the evening had brought us to our propagative pinnacle. I could feel her tunnel tighten over me as her cries of passion increased. I knew she was close and I could feel it building inside me as well. I pushed faster and deeper until passing the point of no return; releasing into her a draining rise which simultaneously set her off. Her back arched and she let out an uncontrollable scream as her orgasm came in waves.
It did not take a lot of time also in behalf of Sajad to be convinced I was not a wife seducer, a distress-monger of ill repute, but a fine upstanding gentleman with bloody good and exuberant not bad manners.
“So fucking good,” moaned Jessica. She reached forward and began stroking his cock again. “I love that cock so much…”
As her orgasm finally died down I heard the sounds of kissing and of her talking gently to Ted. Putting two and two together, I conceded that Ted was kissing my bride all over her corps to thank her for the gift she gave him, and she was whispering her own thank-yous to her lover. He continued to make love to her straightforward after she came; yet another way he does this beat than I ever did.
“Fuck yes,” Daniel observed. “Raise your sexy ass like that.” Again, Daniel was faced near her matched ebullient cheeks, and wondered why he didn’t fuck her from behind sooner. Fixed not to waste any more leisure, he positioned himself from behind, aiming his cock at her juicy folds.