The guy slipped his cock into me. I was so sopping it slid right in, all the way in. As soon as I felt his hips and balls against me, I came. Hard. My first orgasm from someone other than me or my cover up since I got married. It was amazing.

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“Jim, my man.” he said, as he often did in good wishes. I quickly grabbed a seat and sat down. He continued “Look, everything is set up for the conference. I take two rooms booked, suites actually, and I’ve reserved them for an additional few days after the colloquy ends – so if you wanted to make a leisure weekend old-fashioned of it, be my guest. I’ll induce Jen send you the details.” Jen was Trents long-time secretary, an older lady that he pulled off the concourse years previous – she wasn’t very pleasant.
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Bruce answers “Name it.”

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Then they talked about setting up the GB. Tommy said he would give Joe a list of names Monday or Tuesday. Joe told him that if things went well the next often we met for sex that they would then go over the list and pick the guys. Then Joe told him that contemporarily that he conceded how I wanted treated, He could “fuck” me anytime he wanted and as repeatedly as he wanted until the GB. He told him that I would make myself available to him any time prime or continually. (Joe and I never talked about that, he said that on his own)
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