Her husband rolled his eyes. “Should’a got more beer, but hey, pie is always good,” he said and stepped away, giving Ino a smack upon one of her mostly-bared hindquarters. She stiffened with a scowl, but kept her talk in check. Once her husband was gone, she addressed Brett.

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Dim light streamed through the unenclosed bedroom door, no more than reasonably for Mindy to see their cerebration in the dresser mirror. She could bring their naked bodies, she on her in dire straits, Wayne on stopper of her, his bare tushie thrusting up and down, her boob, just visible in the dim light, pressed toward the mirror by Wayne’s body. Mindy shifted her leg, flattening it so she could see more of Wayne on top of her. She enjoyed seeing his reflection making love to her. It heighten the sensation by watching their images. She was a voyeur to her own sexual activity. The compassion of Wayne’s weight on cover of her, his cock doing exactly what she had wanted it to do to her, the atypical thrill of watching herself enjoy sexual intercourse with a sex-mad guy, excited her. Wayne’s continued thrusts inside her only heightened the stimulation.
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