Surely at first I felt guilty. I did not want to ever rest with another bloke or be unfaithful to Nick but in the off the track light of day I felt he pushed me into it and coerced me to do something I did not want to do. But at the same time it was without apprehension the most exciting and awesome sexual live of my pungency. I had tasted the forbidden fruit and craved a repeat suffer of some ailing. Normal straight sex with Blemish was not going to be enough for me from right away on. That is the trouble with getting into threesomes and the like-it makes you numb to plain vanilla sex. It is a cure. It becomes an fixation that I dream about all the everything. And Nick was changed forever too-I recognize that he also lusted after another bounds sexual experience to match what we did. We both knew that it was unpreventable that sooner or later we would have another erotic experience involving other men, or possibly even Mark again.

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“Thanks Karen, I think I can go over care of it from here. Email me those pictures will you?” If I wasn’t so turned on, I would probably be more concerned about my nude pictures flying by way of emails.
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