“Thanks. Now go devour the lawn.”

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Paul was front away but he heard her door and smiled to himself. He peculiar to reach his ankle and took the opportunity to look behind him. When he saw her and what she was wearing he totally lost his self-controlled. He stumbled and swore to himself and almost collided with the bulwark. It all over in maybe two seconds and he managed to regain his composure but not before Sam noticed. She knew she had been the cause and it sent a thrill through her. She hadn’t considered it, but her nipples became clearly visible through her crop top. She wished he could see that. She did her own stretching now and he make-believe to be checking something on his smart watch as he admired the curve of her arse. The muscles in her legs were toned and powerful and despite himself he couldn’t look away. As she straightened up and her legs came together he noticed that obscene gap at the top of her thighs and hoped his excitement wasn’t too obvious.
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