He told me that from contemporarily on he was planning on using my “cunt” and yap as his “cum dump”. He said, “From now on I’m going to be fucking you a lot so get used to it.”

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No, all this in front of her; the brochures, Shelby heading downstairs for a arrange Annette knew was not there, the berating of Frank, and the torture of Brad were calculated. Brad was doing well. He flourished controlled by the kiss of her word lashes upon his quivering back; she’d seen it. He just needed a midget more conditioning before she pressed the button; his button, and started the machinery rolling in the management she’d wanted it to memorialized (always since she’d made the decision that tonight would happen three weeks prior), when she’d seen him bending over her desk and smelled his cologne. She interrupted Truthful on the phone,
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